How to choose the newborn clothing?

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You will have to dress and undress the baby lots of times, so take a lot of patience and choose clothing that’s easy to put on and remove.

Before the birth sure you will have a list with the baby clothing you will need the first days, to dress the baby on his first days of life in the hospital.

For that reason we suggest you to have different clothing sets, as batistes, onesies, hats and booties.

Probably you will also need a blanket or a blanket towel to wrap the baby when you get the baby out of the crib, remember that babies miss the temperature they were at when they were in the womb. To wrap them in a blanket or blanket towel while you have them in your arms makes them feel safer and more comfortable.


Did you know?

The use of blanket towel have been usual in the history of mankind. In 2002, the medical diary la Pediatría published a study that explained why wrapping babies makes the sleep more peaceful preventing spontaneous movements (the movement called reflex) and awaking them constantly during the night. The same year, the Journal of Applied Physiology wrote that REM sleep (the most restorative and deep sleep) lasted more when the baby was wrapped in a blanket towel.


How and which clothes to choose?

It is convenient to choose clothes that are open in the front or the back, with Velcro or clips that are much easier to open and close.

If you have to put the clothes by the head, they should open up in the shoulder area.

Synthetic fibers? No way! These can irritate the soft skin of the baby, so always look for 100% cotton garments, such as the ones from Elfi e Fate®.

Try removing the inner labels so they don’t disturb the baby's skin.


The products you will need the most, are onesies and sets with footed pants or nappy covers, these clothes perfectly maintain the body temperature of the baby at all times, remember that they need it in their first days of life.

In winter you will also need some extras to bring the baby to the street, such as a coat type jacket, sweatshirt, cotton cap, socks, booties and mittens.

And in summer, it will be much lighter clothing, take him out with a peaked cap to protect it from the sun.



How to wash baby clothes?

The first months of life, wash the baby clothes apart from the rest, with neutral soap to avoid irritating the skin of the baby. And if you wash them with your hands instead of using the washing machine,  it will be much better to keep the quality of cotton garments.

Before you use the clothes, we suggest you rinse them in water, let dry and iron, to release any remainder that could have accumulated during the manufacturing process, store manipulation or transport.

Baby garments require a lot more special care than any other clothes, mostly to protect the skin, but it’s worth seeing their little face when they feel comfortable and enjoy them with love.


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